London League

This event is part of the VONCRANK, Senior London League

This means you can pick up points individually or as a club and will be awarded at the end of season at the London League Awards!

Events are selected from the region to comprise the 2017 VONCRANK London Senior League, allowing clubs across London to support each others events, compete against each other and generate a healthy environment for improving performance, encouraging participation and having fun.

2017 London League Events:

Ful-on Duathlon Duathlon 9 April Ful-on TC Round 1
Kingfisher Aquathlon Aquathlon 23 April Kingfisher Triathletes Round 2
Tooting Bec Lido Aquathlon Aquathlon 29 April Round 3
Thames Turbo Triathlon Triathlon 1 May Thames Turbo TC Round 4
Dragon Slayer Duathlon 7 May East London Triathletes Round 5
Crystal Palace Triathlon Triathlon 14 May Crystal Palace Triathletes Round 6
Artic one  (Para League only double points) Triathlon 29 May
The Bridge Standard Open  Water Triathlon 18 June Round 7
Windrush Aquathlon Aquathlon 25 June Windrush TC Round 8
Thorpe Park Standard Open Water  Triathlon 9 July Round 9
Midnight ManMiddle and Long London Champs (not in league scoring) Triathlon 13-14 August Bridge Triathlon
Capital Tri Aquathlon Aquathlon 3 September Capital Tri Round 10
Clash of Tritons Aquathlon 10 September Greenwich Tritons Round 11
Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon Duathon 15 October Serpentine RC Round 12
London Fields Aquathlon Aquathlon 22 October London Fields  TC


Round 13